Engaging as Conscious, Kind and Authentic on Social Media

April 15th, 2014

Social media is a big deal these days. Many small business owners are still resisting, but the truth is, it is here to stay and if you aren’t using it to promote your brand, you may be missing out. It’s time to be consciously engaged!

As I prepare to lead a 2-hour workshop called Effective Social Media Marketing for Conscious Leaders at the 2014 ACEP conference in Phoenix in May, it’s got me thinking about the best tips I would offer to my holistic practitioner friends.

Below are 5 things a small business owner can do to put that conscious, kind and authentic YOU front and center on social media:

1. Reach out! People like to be included and invited. Send social media connection requests to your current contacts. Go through your Rolodex or phone contact list and make sure you are also connected with those people on LinkedIn and Facebook. When you speak, got to a networking event, get a phone call or new email inquiry, make an effort to connect digitally! On Facebook you can even determine how you are connected to separate your business, friend and personal connections for appropriate engagement.

2. Follow, friend and connect with conscious leaders in your industry who you already adore. Successful experts share valuable content and often have professionals managing their social media platforms. Let their example show you how it’s done. Notice how they use photos and a variety of topics. You can share what they post with your own comment and offer helpful content to your friends and followers.

3. Be the best version of yourself online 24/7. All posts should be the kind of thing that would NEVER make your mom cringe. It is best to avoid posting about politics, religion and anything that might be considered poor taste. Be very careful about liking and commenting on posts about those same hot topics and you will remain in good standing with your connections. It’s okay to have an opinion, but it also pays to be respectful.

4. Support and promote the consciousness of those you are connected with. Share, like and comment on the good things they post. By doing so, you help them by boosting their visibility with your friends and followers. Remember if you only post about you, but fail to engage in true conversation, you are wasting your time. When you give, people will return the favor. It is okay to ask others to share what you post, but use moderation.

5. Develop an honest profile and bio that positions you as a trusted expert. Be completely honest as you set up your profile, making sure to post a current photo. Carefully choose key words in your text to describe you and your business. If you decide to participate on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is 100% complete. Because LinkedIn feeds Google searches, doing this helps search engines find you. People are checking out your profile while you sleep, so take charge of this important matter and allow it to work in your favor.

I can assure you that by being the best version on yourself online, you will attract some amazing friends. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. It astounds me time and again that people mention my posts in positive ways when I see them in person.

By the way, if you are kind and conscious person reading this, but not yet connected to my Facebook business page, The Indigo Connection, Betsy Muller Founder, or on LinkedIn (betsymuller) or Twitter(bbmuller), I hope you will reach out and connect with me there. You can learn more about the Phoenix Conference at www.energypsych.org.

Synchronicity, Rewards, Goddesses and Travel

March 14th, 2014

Running a business in the midst of the worst winter of the decade has had its challenges and I must credit leading the Awaken Creativity series and the synchronicity it stirs up as my saving grace. The 7 week series requires a commitment to daily journaling, a weekly “Artist Date” to indulge the inner creator and regular meetings with others who are creators. It’s like magic when you follow the formula – doors open, opportunities present themselves and life gets brighter.

The World of People, Dogs and Rewards
The first synchronicity was a connection with The Veteran’s Best Friend, a charity based just a few miles from my home. After learning about the incredible work they do helping Vets find and train their own therapy dog, it was effortless for my business to choose to support them. Through this organization I also found professional help for training my dog Gracie to be a suitable partner for therapy visits with me in the community. Gracie and I are both learning how positive words, practice time and delicious rewards reinforce desired behavior. It’s all about noticing the positive, which is also the way I choose to coach others. Once you are trained to pay attention to the good things, you have a constant supply of pleasant resources to keep your spirits lifted. It has been fascinating learning through the eyes of a devoted dog and these very savvy trainers.

An Audio Book Opens the Door
Another synchronicity came when my sister loaned me an audio book, Traveling with Pomegranates, written by the author of The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann. Having great affection for Kidd because of that book and movie, and also because I will travel to Greece later this year, I looked forward to driving all over town, even in snow, so I could listen to this new book. It’s a mother-daughter travel memoir that includes historic sites in Athens, the Greek Isles and France along with open exploration of female roles and the complexities that each stage of womanhood brings to identity. I was touched to learn that Sue was going through writer’s block and Ann depression during these travels. Miraculously the goddesses and spiritual women of the past help both authors deepen their bond, as well as find clarity, creativity and joy. I was stunned to learn that Secret Life of Bees was Sue’s very first novel. The struggles, dreams, images and synchronicities from these travels were the seeds that brought this beloved book into reality.

A Seminar Takes Form
As I finished the audiobook, ideas were gathering nicely in my journal and my mind. I had been struggling to find a topic for a May 16 seminar to offer at Lakeside before the retreat. Suddenly, “Radiant Confidence for Conscious Leaders” emerged. From there the connection to strong women in history, goddesses and mythology moved it forward. Soon I had easily composed the description, knowing there was room to expand to meet the needs of the women called to attend. It feels right and women are enrolling, just as I had hoped. I can’t wait to be part of it.

A New Book Idea
Speaking of synchronicity, it wasn’t just this lousy weather that had me thinking about travel. The past week also included travel as the featured Indigo Connection breakfast networking topic, the arrival of my Rick Steves Tour Book for Greece and my upcoming trip to Amish Country with some special girlfriends. Then came a Facebook post caught my eye about a contest to win a writing sabbatical on a cross-country Amtrak train which I promptly shared as well as entered. My next book in the Energy Makeover Series will be about savoring the healing possibilities of travel. There are already several great travel opportunities you can take with me in the year ahead. Perhaps YOU too will be part of the next book!

Joyful Lessons from Squirrel Watching

March 5th, 2014

I’ve lived in this house for over 16 years, yet never noticed the squirrels until 2014. Perhaps it was the deep freeze that made them come closer to my house, or maybe being snow-bound has caused me to look out the window more often.

Today, in the midst of my empty-nest, working from home world, I not only notice squirrels, but also take great joy catering to them. I purchase big bags of seed for the birdfeeders, which I also sprinkle liberally into what serves as the birdbath in summer. I’ve learned that squirrels have a very hard time running in deep snow thanks to a vigorous tussle Gracie had with a slowpoke back in January. I think the little guy got away eventually, but continues to suffer from PTSD. My nurturing routine now includes shouting a warning to the squirrels before letting the dog out.

This bone chilling winter has allowed me to watch a parade of as many as 7 squirrels at one time outside my window. They remind me of a few important lessons:

Each One is Physically Unique
Never before had I noticed they were unique individuals with distinct sizes, fur quality, markings and color. There’s a big one with a bald spot on his back that visits often. Nobody gets near him when he eats. I also have a very tiny gray squirrel barely the size of a chipmunk, with a white belly. I have decided to call her “Pixie”. She is adorable and comes over alone most times. We also have a black squirrel “Blackie” that visits occasionally. She’s adorable. Paying attention has let me notice the beauty of their differences. The same can be said for the people I notice these days too.

Squirrels Respect Power and Hierarchy
As the various individuals venture out for a meal at my feeder, there is clearly a pecking order. The big one with the bald spot is KING. Nobody dares to mess with this guy or even get within 5 feet of him while he eats. There are a group of 3 red squirrels that often venture to the feeder together and have no trouble eating next to each other. I wonder if they are nest-mates. Others in the group pick fights regularly and it’s usually the smallest one who gets picked on the most. There’s that little loner Pixie who never comes out when others are around. I wonder where her family is? In any event, she gets her food, often in the very early hours before the others dare to leave the nest. It’s important to know you place in the power structure to survive, thrive and move up.

Squirrels Use Energy for Survival
Even the biggest of my squirrel friends could become an easy meal to a dog, fox or bird of prey. They are careful about venturing from the woods to cross the wide expanse of snow to reach the feeder near the door the dog uses. When the temperature is below 5 degrees, my squirrels don’t even dare to come out at all. They know how to preserve maximum energy and also when to take a risk. They are vigilant and if they sense danger, they seek shelter, then make a big vocal fuss from the tree so that the other squirrels can be alerted too. Every action taken is with a purpose and concern for survival. People do it too.

They Notice Us Too!
Most days, I now find a little squirrel face peering out from a nearby branch to look at me as I work or write in the sunroom. Maybe it’s a plea to fill up the feeder again? I smile thinking I’ve made winter nicer for the squirrels in the neighborhood and helped many of them survive what could have been deadly. The activity outside the window has brought smiles to my client’s faces too. Nurturing is a joyful pastime. Let’s hope the squirrels remember my kindness when the bulbs begin to sprout next month.

Healing Love For Dogs and their Best Friends

February 14th, 2014

Driving through heavy snow on a Sunday morning in February, I wondered, “Why I had yanked myself out on a day like this?” Once at my destination, nestled in the back of an industrial park in Berea, my doubts immediately dissolved.

I enter a bright room filled with a circle of chairs and 6 individuals with dogs resting comfortably on the floor to their sides. My eyes lock on a gentleman in a wheel chair with a tiny little white dog at his feet. The dog is alert and calm, focused devotedly on her owner. You can feel the love between them. Across the room I see a confident, grinning young man with a beautiful lab mix by his side. They too show this incredible bond that you immediately feel. I know what that bond feels like because I have my own special dog, Gracie. My heart swells, as I eagerly want to learn more about these people and their dogs.

Patty Hugel and Lisa Slama are the visionary women who founded the non-profit called Veteran’s Best Friend (VBF). Lisa is a psychologist and certified dog trainer who owns K9 Coaches. Patty and Lisa connected through Patty’s work in the local animal rescue community. These women brilliantly saw a need to help returning veterans who suffer with PTSD while also providing abandoned dogs a second chance for a loving home. VBF offers free assistance finding a suitable dog to rescue, then offers intense training (at no cost to the veteran) to teach the owner and the dog how to work together as a team. Training can take anywhere from 1-2 years to complete. Every Sunday morning at 10:30 am veterans are invited to attend special training sessions where they learn to transform their dog into a certified therapy dog.

I learn that the little white dog’s name is Ruby and that her owner is “Sully”, a disabled Vietnam veteran who was exposed to the toxin agent orange. Sully tells me that Ruby was a basket case when they first started this training. She barked at the other dogs, bit Lisa on their first visit and needed to be trained to calm down. Today it’s hard to believe Ruby was anything but a devote caregiver. They report that there are still rough spots, like when Sully took Ruby to Wal-Mart on a busy Saturday. Practicing what Lisa and Patty teach in the real world helps them both become more confident.

That morning I also met Larry and his beautiful dog Leo. Larry tells me he is excited to be visiting Hiram College so that he can complete his degree to become a Social Worker. Larry has been attending community college with Leo by his side. Everyone on campus knows them by name. When I tell Larry about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) he is very interested in learning more. Seizing the opportunity, I take him through several rounds of tapping, just so he can learn the points and see how it feels. I watch his face relax as we tap. He asks me to take his photo and says that if he doesn’t have class on May 12, he will bring Leo to meet the women of The Indigo Connection when Patty and Lisa are scheduled to speak for the group. Sully said he and Ruby will plan to be there too. I couldn’t be more delighted.

It’s official – Veteran’s Best Friend is the charitable cause I will embrace in 2014. I’ve already mailed the first donation and have invited VBF participants to attend my monthly EFT group seminars at no charge. Patty and Lisa have already said they will be coming to the Feb. 19 session. Learn more about VBF by going to their website at www.veteransbestfriend.org

By the way, if you have a dog you would like to train to be certified as a therapy dog, Lisa and Patty can help with that too. I’m scheduled to bring Gracie out to K9 Coaches to begin class. Even at 9 years, Lisa tells me old dogs can learn new tricks. I can already see this leading to even more positive outreach in the communities where I serve.

A Bag of Precious Seeds

January 26th, 2014

It began as an impulse
A bag of black seeds from the grocer’s pet food aisle
Who knew the lives this bag would touch?
Until January brought bone-chilling winds and deep snow

Spilling black gold upon the snow
How many eyes were watching?
Welcoming a parade of creatures
Finches, cardinals, chickadee, juncos
Woodpeckers, waxwings and
a tribe of 6 ravenous squirrels

Housebound creatures gather at the window
The cat chortles at the flurry of activity
As the dog paces, separated by mere inches and a pane of glass
My soul dreams of stray sunflowers sprouting to commemorate this joyful show

Beginning AGAIN – The Challenge of Starting Over

January 25th, 2014


In July of 2013 I made an important business decision during the mercury retrograde at a time when my business computer was working fine. After talking with many respected colleagues, I marched off to the Apple Store and purchased my first MacBook.

The transition went well. My data transferred easily and I was soon in love with my fast and nimble new business tool…. except for one very annoying thing. Every time I wanted to make a short video, the iMovie software on my machine brought me to a halt. It was so different than the Microsoft Moviemaker program I had learned to love.

What did I choose to do? Instead of learning the new software or setting up a training session at the Mac Store, I avoided making videos completely. Over 6 months passed and I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t made a single video in that time.

I knew it was wrong. YouTube has been a way that I had been helping lots of people with simple self-care demonstrations. Video has also been a way that prospective clients and meeting planners could get to know me before calling. On top of that, I’m teaching a workshop about social media soon, and it’s just out of my integrity not to be making videos as part of the mix.

On Thursday, while at a Mastermind meeting held by Jennasis Speaks for a group of fellow speaking professionals, I decided to ask for help and advice. I was hoping there would be someone in the room who was an expert at iMovie, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. The advice that came was good nevertheless. They advised to JUST DO IT! Post simple, unedited videos while slowly learning the new editing software. That sounded reasonable.

My hesitation was posting videos that would not be “perfect” according to my earlier standards. I was also severely out of practice. I promised myself I would let go of perfection and begin posting something daily. The idea of clearing negative thoughts that clients and followers could nominate through social media for future videos was appealing.

On Friday Jan. 24 the first installment of Energy Makeover for Your Thoughts was released in it’s imperfection. It’s a one-shot video that wasn’t very good at all. I was so nervous I forgot to smile. On Saturday Jan. 25, Day 2 video was much better, yet simple and unedited. People have submitted a few comments, so I have material for tomorrow and beyond. I’ll keep this up for the next few weeks and hopefully you will see my skills improve over time.

Please help me! If you are an expert at using iMovie and would be willing to teach me for a fee or trade of services, I would love to hear from you ASAP. Also, If you have a video topic or a some negative thinking you would like to challenge me to address in a video, please email or message me through one of my social media channels.

THANKS! I expect to grow from the process as I serve you with new ideas and uplifting information.

Seven Habits of Highly Creative People

January 16th, 2014

As a creative person who has coached thousands of clients since 2006 on creativity, it’s about time I shared deeper insight on this topic. It has become clear to me that there are 7 key habits that foster high creativity. These are things successful people do with ease. Check the list below and see if you are 7 for 7.

1. Schedules Time to Nurture the Creator Within: Successful creative people take time each week to pursue actions that fill their soul and inspire their work. Julia Cameron, author of the best-selling book on creativity, The Artist’s Way, refers to this as a weekly “artist date”. Cameron advises to take yourself away and pursue something you love and appreciate on your own. This is your special time alone and it is a reward for being you. There’s no need to feel guilty. Just make it part of your creative process.

2. Maintains a Workspace to Support Creative Flow: Creativity requires an environment that facilitates success. This varies depending upon what you create, however great environments have a few things in common; they are clutter-free, organized and contain the tools needed for productivity. The ideal environment is one you love to be in. You can boost the power of your space by adding colors and images you love, beautiful objects or even plants. Create a space that reflects your values and dreams.

3. Uses a Reliable Process to Neutralize Unpleasant Thoughts and Feelings: Innovation and the creation of things the world has not seen before may result in doubt, criticism, ridicule and public humiliation. Successful creative people need to be in touch with their feelings so that they can process them and move on quickly. I have found Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also referred to as acupressure for emotions without needles, has been an amazing tool for quickly neutralizing those unpleasant feelings. It can also be helpful to engage in daily journaling, or what I often refer to as “vomiting on the page” to release hurt feelings and negativity as these arise. Daily journaling allows you to to witness, acknowledge and process the feelings so you can return to inspired awareness.

4. Relies on a System for Accountability: Successful creative professionals get much of their work done because they work on deadline. They have editors, publishers, producers and bosses waiting for what was promised. If you don’t have a formal accountability system in place, it’s a good idea to have a coach, support group or accountability partner who you can regularly report to as a way to stay on track.

5. Maintains a Community of Supporters: Creative people need positive friends to provide a safe place for learning, sharing, feedback and support. Be careful to limit what you reveal to the negative people in your life so that your creative ideas aren’t hampered before they fully mature. Be willing to offer support and positive feedback too. You get what you give.

6. Honors the Physical Body: Your mind and body allow you to create and produce some amazing things. You’ll be at your peak as a creator when you get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food, manage your stress level, stay hydrated and engage in regular exercise. Enough said!

7. Lives Comfortably Surrounded by Beauty and Luxury: Successful creative people are comfortable with the best of everything, which includes being paid for their talent. When you learn to appreciate what money can bring, you will also notice more of those beautiful things in life that cost absolutely nothing. Stop and notice all forms of luxury and allow yourself to relax, filled with appreciation and free of all guilt. This habit ensures abundance and it also keeps you filled with energy to create even more.

Let’s Get Through This and Be Better – TOGETHER!

January 13th, 2014

Scary Cave

If you were told that you had to go into a very dark, scary cave filled with bats and spiders to retrieve a briefcase filled with $1MM in cash, that you could keep…. Which option would you choose?

1. Enter the cave, without a light of any kind, and completely alone.


2. Enter the cave with a friend who has a flashlight, who’s successfully explored this cave before and agrees to share the cash evenly.

What did you pick? Most would choose #2.

Over the years, I have found this scenario describes what I have witnessed as my clients pursue letting go of old fears and moving on to pursue a major leap in personal growth. Change can be very scary. When you pursue it with a friend or expert who has explored this dark place before, has great resources(light) and emerged with a big reward, it really isn’t so scary.

It can be very lonely to pursue growth on your own. It takes discipline, time and a dedication to the long-term. You may miss your successes because there’s no one else to witness the progress. This may be why only 8% of people out there actually succeed at new years resolutions.

I challenge each of you to find a way to connect with someone to support you in your growth so that your journey may be witnessed, encouraged and celebrated by at least one other person. This can occur by enrolling in a class, setting up accountability sessions with a friend or working with a coach or expert trainer. As the example suggests, sometimes you have to be willing to share some of your financial wealth to make it happen. When you financially invest in the process, you are even more likely to succeed.

Need a group to support you? Consider joining one of these three programs this week. The one on Wednesday is FREE and if you are really in a financially tight situation, get in touch with me and let’s see what we can come up with.

I’ll be there to support you and I promise to bring my flashlight.

Free Recorded Teleclass Jan. 15 2PM EST:
Engage Your Creativity in 2014


Practice and Master Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Wed. Jan. 15 7 PM EST Westlake, OH


Awaken Your Creativity with The Artist’s Way and EFT (7 wks)
First class Sat. Jan. 18 1:30-3:30 Westlake, OH


Starting Slow Can Be Perfect

January 2nd, 2014

As the New Year begins, it is not unusual to charge out of the gates toward big new goals. I know because I do it every year. That is, until this year.

Here’s the truth – I did nothing on January 1, 2014. As a coach it is embarrassing to admit this. I’m the one who gets paid to help others achieve massive success. Yuck! This all feels horrible.

Typically my goal for January 1 each year is to take down all of the Christmas decorations, connect with my family by phone, then compose a list of priorities and goals. I did none of that! Instead I spent the day on the couch with a tissue box, multiple cups of tea and a blanket. It was flu and as much as I tried to get moving, my body demanded rest. Rest became the priority. I slid in and out of consciousness as I watched Twilight Zone reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel all day.

Awakening today, a few symptoms linger, but the resting worked and I feel ready to get back on track, albeit slowly. I have given myself permission to make a slow start and realize slow is often the perfect way to reach big goals.

Are you one of millions starting a diet this week? Many will use radical means to lose those pounds quickly. Having been a lifetime Weight Watcher for 22+ years, I know that doesn’t work in the long run. I’ve got 6 pounds between my goal weight and me right now, and realize that the best way to get there is to take it slow. If I allow myself to lose ½ pound a week, I will be a lot happier and healthier than if I starve myself. My productivity level will stay high and there’s a good chance I’ll lose more than ½ pound a week.

Patience and pacing is key to just about any goal you set for yourself. It’s about energy and in order to have abundant energy to reach those important goals, you need to conserve it, build it and spend it efficiently. If you start too quickly, you might just burn out before the goal is met! Ask anyone who runs races about the risk of starting too fast and they will back me up on this.

Consider these 3 recommendations for starting slow:

Take time setting priorities: Goals are only as good as the WHY. Your goals need to be important to you and something you value. The more mindful you are as you set goals, the better your chances of achieving them

Be Realistic: It is unlikely that you’ll accomplish everything in a short time frame. Setting goals for a longer time span and spaced to allow a balanced flow of accomplishments can be very wise. Last week a client told me that she set a goal to exercise 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Knowing that the client had not been exercising much, I suggested starting with a goal of an average of 20 minutes, 5 days a week for January. That gives her room to succeed as well as exceed the goal. The client’s wide smile at this suggestion showed me that this plan was much more realistic. I bet she’ll make her goal.

Be flexible and forgiving: Plans change and you may find yourself facing unexpected challenges, interruptions or even the flu. Forgive yourself for setbacks and a slow start. Keep those priorities and the WHY behind goals at the forefront. You’ll soon be back on track.

I’m grateful to finally feel well enough to write and check email. Maybe I’ll go to my Weight Watcher meeting today? What about all of these Christmas decorations that need to come down? I’ll start slowly and feel good knowing at least today will be more productive than yesterday was.

Maybe you find goal setting to be a challenge? If you would like a copy of my 90-day goal-setting spreadsheet, send an email to Betsy@theIndigoConnection.com and I will happily send it to you. It’s an excellent idea to share your goals with supportive friends too. If you need an advocate to help you set goals and stay on track, I’m here for you. Contact me for a phone consultation or consider attending my presentation at The Indigo Connection breakfast on January 8, or just stay in touch via Facebook at www.facebook.com/betsy.muller. Start slowly and you will be a winner!

Facebook Wisdom and the Art of “Oil Pulling”

December 19th, 2013

Coconut OIl

Something happened this week on Facebook that opened my eyes to a fabulous self-care resource. It all started because I was inspired to purchase my first jar of organic coconut oil and to ask a simple question.

My vegan friends have raved about using coconut as cooking oil and also a substitute for butter in recipes. My friend Ann the naturopath also suggested that I get some for my mother to help stave off dementia. The final kicker was when I read a post about how the vocal star Carrie Underwood uses coconut oil as a skin cream and hair conditioner. Beauty and health in one package – sign me up!

When I got home with my new oil, I immediately opened the jar for a taste. It was delicious. It melted easily as I put a little on the backs of my hands. It was time to learn more. I went to the computer and did a Google search on “coconut oil health benefits” which resulted in an article about the Top Ten Evidence-Based Health Benefits. It was in this article that I stumbled upon a reference to the practice of “oil pulling”, which supposedly has many oral hygiene benefits. http://authoritynutrition.com/top-10-evidence-based-health-benefits-of-coconut-oil/

I hang out with lots of natural health experts, but had never heard about oil pulling before. I quickly decided to post the following on Facebook:

Finally got myself some organic coconut oil and love it! I just read that it works great to whiten teeth and kill bacteria in the mouth with a process called “oil pulling”. Anyone out there using it that way? I’m very curious now.

It turns out that my friends knew quite a bit – 45+ comments came in! Here are just a few of my favorites:

I’ve been oil pulling for 2 years now and it is AMAZING! My teeth and mouth feel so clean and overall healthy. My teeth are much whiter, no more tooth sensitivity or bleeding gums. My teeth have no plaque and they always feel squeaky-clean. I LOVE it.

My husband and I use Organic Coconut oil daily – we buy at Trader Joes for $6 and it lasts about 5 weeks – has helped with several gums issues. After I brush I scoop up a spoonful then shower – I spit out when I’m finished showering – so easy to soak for 20 min and no talking.

You can add a drop of oregano oil to it if you have a serious infection or sore throat and it clears it up – BAM!

I use coconut oil with a few drop of tea tree oil on my face at night instead of expensive night creams and it works beautifully!

Spit oil in trash. . Do not swallow. … Very bad. Plaques from teeth are the same plaques that give us clogged arteries. Did you know that. …?!

Organic extra virgin coconut oil 54 oz. at Costco’s for $14.59….LOVE it!

I’ve used it for oil pulling and have been using homemade toothpaste made with coconut oil, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils for months. Works great!

Haven’t tried that but I do use it on my air popped popcorn. Yummmm

So there you have it friends – more than I bargained for and great information that might help you too.

I’ve been oil pulling for 3 days now and have been amazed at how easy it is and also how much whiter my teeth look already. Could it be this easy? Here’s what you do:

1. Put about 1 tsp. of oil into your mouth. It will melt quickly. You can chew it a little to help it melt.

2. Swish the oil around your mouth and between your teeth for 15-20 minutes. I do this while I shower and then do my hair. Do not swallow the oil.

3. When finished, spit the oil into your trash.

4. Notice how your gums and teeth look and feel. Note the changes you experience & tell your friends about this.

I joined the Facebook community back in 2008 and love it for all the positive connection it brings to my business and personal life. If you aren’t yet on Facebook, I hope you might also be part of the next lively conversation.

You can connect with me personally at betsy.muller and I hope you will also like my business pages, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Indigo-Connection-Betsy-Muller-Founder/177283722299618 and https://www.facebook.com/energymakeover4U